Tavern Owner Shoots at Power Supply Crew Who Came to Dismantle a Cable


The Hellenic Electiricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO) reported an incident that took place at noon on Monday in the region of Ano Liosion when a man fired gunshots at the team that had arrived at his tavern to dismantle a cable that the man was using to tap into the power grid illegally after his power supply debt had resulted in his power being cut off.

HEDNO reports that the consumer at first verbally and physically assaulted its crew and then shot at the company’s service van while two of the employees were still inside. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

Company representatives headed to the police station in order to take legal action against the man. When the police proceeded to arrest him, the man had already disappeared.

Police are waiting for the accused to appear before them or else his file will be forwarded to the Athens Misdemeanours Court for further action.

When the police headed to the business so that HEDNO employees could continue dismantling the cable being used to tap into the grid following repeated violations, there were verbal assaults from unknown bystanders in support of the tavern owner. HEDNO has stated that any type of violence against its employees will not be tolerated. “The protection and security of our employees is the main priority of HEDNO’s administration, that will take all necessary measures to ensure that there are no new acts of violence against the company’s crews,” announced the electricity distribution provider in a statement issued on Tuesday.



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