Off-Duty Policeman Kills Migrant Neighbor Over Loud Music Spat


An off-duty policeman shot and killed a national of Kazakhstan, aged 33, on Friday afternoon. The incident took place at 21-23 Iphigenias Street, Kallithea, a densely populated working class suburb 2 miles south of the Athens center.

Neighbors said that the motivation for the murder was the victim’s insistence on playing the music too loud. The policeman had repeatedly warned the man to turn down the music as it annoyed him. Neighbors also refered to the constant fights that the expatriate from Kazakhstan had with his girlfriend. They say that they had often heard her calling for help from the apartment.

On Friday, the argument between the policeman and the expatriate got out of hand when the two men started physically assaulting each other. Angered by the incident, the off-duty policeman reached for his service gun and killed the victim. Police sources say that the gun accidentally backfired, killing the victim.

The policeman is in hospital with wounds.


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