Greek Flour Magnate Donates Farm and Mansion to Children’s Charity

kibotos_toy_kosmoyGreek flour magnate Constantinos Loulis has donated a 25-acre farm and mansion to children’s charity organization “Arc of the World.”

Ark of the World” (Kivotos tou Kosmou) takes care of children who have experienced abandonment, racism and social exclusion, and now takes care of some refugee children as well. Other than shelter, the Arc offers the children, education programs and several activities. It was founded in 1998 by Father Antonios Papanikolaou, who is still running the shelters in Attica, Chios and Ioannina.

The Loulis farm is located in the Dimini area near Volos, in central Greece. Located on a prime piece of real estate with a great view of the seaside city, until recently it was the family home.

Initially, 35 children will be accommodated in the Dimini farm and by the end of the year it will be the home of 80.

Loulis told ANA-MPA news agency that the donation was a joint decision between him and his wife.

“Father Anthonios, who is the head of Ark of the World, sets an example with his altruism, volunteerism and solidarity. He has touched many people throughout Greece with his work. He has taken around 400 children under his wing, with warmth and affection, in the structures created in Attica, Chios and Ioannina. He performs a pious task and I am very happy to have been able myself to assist,” Loulis said.

Other than the mansion, the farm includes two mills, a creamery, an oil press, greenhouses for fruits and vegetables and hundreds of small and larger domestic animals.