PM Tsipras: Cyprus’ Issue Is a Matter of Occupation; We Are Cautiously Optimistic

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras welcomed the Cypriot President Dimitris Syllouris at the government’s headquarters at Maximos Mansion on Wednesday. “The Greek-Cypriot side is defending its firm positions in the negotiation; the Greek side monitors and supports the decisions of the Cyprus’ government and I believe we must be cautiously optimistic. Because we must not forget that the Cyprus issue has to do with the occupation of the northern part of Cyprus for the last 42 years and this is the problem we are trying to solve. We must not forget that. Our will is widely acknowledged,” said Tsipras.

On his part, Syllouris said that optimism exists but “let’s stay to this, it is useful by itself, but not enough,” he said. He added that he believes that is important to “acknowledge that the Cyprus issue is a matter of occupation and invasion.”

“Greece’s stance is very important. Although it is a guarantor country, it states that it does not want to be a guarantor and that Cyprus’ future cannot be based on a military guarantee,” he added “Military guarantee means that any problems in the future will be solved militarily instead of politically or legally according to the European acquis. So, Greece’s position that such measures are outdated is correct.”

Source: ANA-MPA