Greek Prosecutor Deposed for Offending Supreme Court President

57d95f601dc5243b3c8b4c82Head Prosecutor of the Athens Appeals Prosecution Isidoros Doghiakos was deposed for offending the President of Greece’s Supreme Court, Vassiliki Thanou.

After the decision of the Secondary Disciplinary Board that became public late Wednesday afternoon, Doghiakos lost his position as head of the Appeals Prosecution Office and he cannot run in Saturday’s election as he is no longer eligible. Also, he will lose his salary for 40 days.

Once notified of the decision, Doghiakos must empty his seat immediately. His replacement will be the prosecutor who wins Saturday’s election.

The indictment of the chief Athens Appeals Prosecutor started a year ago, when he distributed to fellow prosecutors an announcement accusing the President of the Supreme Court for unlawfully interfering with the Appeals Prosecution Office.

His action triggered disciplinary proceedings against him and the disciplinary proceedings at first instance court had ruled a reprimand. However, the First Instance Court Disciplinary Board found the penalty too mild and appealed the decision. On Wednesday the Appellate Disciplinary Board ruled his deposition.

Doghiakos has become known for the indictment of Golden Dawn for the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas. Recently he asked the competent public prosecutor to indict Olympiacos FC president Vangelis Marinakis on match-fixing charges.



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