Labor Minister Says Negotiations for Labor Law Reforms to be Based on International Committee of Experts Report

KatrougalosThe basis for the negotiations between the government and the institutions on labor law reforms will be the report of the International Committee of Experts, Labor Minister George Katrougalos said on Wednesday, after his meeting with the institutions’ mission chiefs in Athens.

“Our differences with the IMF are so extreme that no substantial debate could take place if we didn’t have a reference text, such as that of the International Committee of Experts,” he told journalists, adding the meeting was mostly an exploratory and procedural discussion.

Asked about mass layoffs, Katrougalos said that any substantive, binding talks on the issue will have to be held after the decision of the European Court which is expected to be issued towards the end of October, or start of November. He also said that the Christmas and Easter bonuses will not be abolished.

The next meeting with the institutions on labor reforms has been scheduled for October 17.

Source: ANA-MPA