British Kids Dream of Greek Vacations

    brits and Atomik surveyed 1,000 children aged between 7 and 13 years of age about their favorite vacation preferences. Greece ranked 4th among preferences featured among the top 5 destinations along with Italy, Spain, Portugal and France.

    Almost half (45 percent) wanted a beach-front hotel, whereas 34 percent also wanted water sports and pool games, and general preferences showed that Greece pretty much has the whole package as far as British kids vacation interests were concerned.

    When describing British kids dream vacations, the organizers of the survey said: “It’s quite clear they’re a lot like their parents with what excites them – though some findings were pretty surprising!” One-fifth of kids wanted space-themed hotels, but 14 percent also wanted to be scared by zombies. Nearly half of the kids wanted parents to play games with them or spend more time with them while on vacation. Roller coasters, water slides and unlimited sweets and ice-creams were also the stuff that holiday dreams are made of.

    More than 60 percent said that summer holidays were their favorite, three times more popular than Christmas vacations and 12 times more exciting for British kids than Easter.

    Top Destinations
    1. Spain (25%)
    2. Italy (13%)
    3. France (11%)
    4. Greece (8%)
    5. Portugal (6%)

    Best hotels
    As well as theme park rides (49%) and edible treats (52%), kids said their dream hotel would have a beach (45%), zoo animals (27%), and a trampoline (21%). Other desirable features included arcade games, a recliner armchair, and skeletons.

    Vacation items to pack
    When asked what they wished they could take with them on holiday, 42% of children said they would take their game consoles and 30% said they would take their dog. A bike was next on the list (21%), followed closely by their pet cat (14%).

    Vacation company
    Seven-year-olds said that their mum was the person they would most want to go on holiday with (30%), but this changed as they grew older, with 13-year-olds choosing their best friend (30%). Nearly half of the kids (45%) said they wished their parents spent more time with them and played more games with them on holiday.