Cyprus President at Concordia Summit: ‘Determined to Reach Settlement by End of 2016’ [video]

anastasiadis_concordiaCypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said that his government is determined to reach a settlement for the Cyprus issue even by the end of 2016.
Addressing the 2016 Concordia summit, Cyprus’ president started his speech stressing the importance of stability in “a region where peace and stability are scarce.” He stressed that the solution to the 42-year-old problem will help enhance the desired stability and peace. He said that he will work tirelessly to achieve that as soon as possible, “even by the end of 2016.”
Anastasiades said that the solution must be “viable and functional.” He asked from the Turkish side to cooperate vitally, and from “partners and friends, such as the United States, to relate to Ankara the value of a constructive approach and particularly on the critical issues that will determine the final outcome of the intense face of the negotiations that we are engaged in.”
The Cypriot president further said that he would like to see Turkey in the European Union and cooperate with Turkey, “but not under these conditions, with an occupation army and a violation of human rights and so on.” He said that the energy incentive might help in improving the situation and the Turkish will cooperate for a comprehensive solution to the best interest for both, Turkish and Greek Cypriots.
 Established in 2011, “The Concordia Summit convenes the world’s most prominent business, government, and nonprofit leaders to enable effective partnerships for impact. Thought leaders and innovators gather at this global affairs forum to examine the world’s most pressing challenges and identify avenues for collaboration.”
(watch video below)


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