Kozani Bakeries Help Impoverished Greeks Who Can’t Afford Bread

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It isn’t something new. Back in 2015 bakers in northern Greece near Thessaloniki donated some 1,200 pounds of bread to refugees crossing the Greek border at Idomeni, back before FYROM closed the border.

However, these days, bakers in northern Greece are donating their bread to local Greeks, many of which are senior citizens who don’t even have enough money left for a loaf of bread after their pensions have been cut several times over the past couple of years.

The Bakers’ Association in Kozani has come up with a way in which they can make a difference in the lives of struggling Greeks who cannot spare .60-70 euro-cents for bread with a program in which all 26 of the bakeries in Kozani are participating called: “Bread in waiting,” where people can purchase an extra loaf of bread that will be donated to someone who cannot afford to buy it.

The slogan on their advert reads: “Buy a loaf of bread or a bagel and let it wait for someone in real need” and has so far been received well by the public.