Israel’s Air Force Practices Drills Over Mt Olympus’ ‘Complex Combat Arena’ in Greece [video]


Over the past two weeks, Israel’s Air Force trained IAF CH-53 Sea Stallion and CH-60 Black Hawk helicopters over the challenging topography of 2,918-meter Mount Olympus in Greece.

The terrain of Greece differed greatly from that of Israel, giving the team of pilots the opportunity to train under conditions that are not as common for them, allowing them to further their skills set with battling rain, strong winds and high mountains.

The exercises were conducted in joint efforts between Israeli Air Force helicopter squadrons and with gunships from the Greek Air Force who mocked transporting soldiers to combat areas, evacuating civilians and rescuing pilots from unknown territory.

An IDF source said Sunday that Israel is grateful to have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a “complex combat arena that is not available in Israel,” the Jerusalem Post reported.