Ben Needham: Police Want to Tear Down Farmhouse to Find Toy Cars


    British police searching for clues as to what may have happened to Ben Needham on the Greek island of Kos are negotiating to knock down part of a farmhouse on the search site where they believe that the little toddler may have been killed by a bulldozer working in the area 25 years ago.

    “There is reason for me to consider removing a small part of this farmhouse so that I can be sure that I have not missed any opportunity to find the answers that I need,” said DI Jon Cousins, who is in talks with the family who own the farmhouse to let him tear down part of the building that was not there in a 1991 press photograph.

    The family that own the farmhouse are unwilling to see it torn down, as they say that there are many members of the family that have an emotional tie to the building as they had grown up there.

    Nineteen South Yorkshire police officers, forensic specialists and an archaeologist have been in the area looking for evidence, such as a pair of toy Matchbox cars that he had been playing with on the day of his disappearance in 1991. The officers also want to find a pair of green shorts that the toddler had been wearing that day.

    The police handed out an undated photograph showing a pair of specially made tables that are believed to be like the ones that the toddler was wearing on the day of his disappearance on July 24. Police believe that debris near the farmhouse could have been parts of Ben’s footwear.


    The officers were deployed to Kos after one million pounds were released from the British Home Office to help find Ben Needham. Greek police are assisting the search efforts as well as a plethora of volunteers that are carrying out search efforts alongside their day jobs as doctors, teachers, army officers, a salesman and a lifeguard. The Red Cross and Hellenic Rescue Team are also helping.