British Police Knock Down Kos Farmhouse in Search for Ben Needham


Continuing their search for possible remains of Ben Needham, a toddler that disappeared while holidaying with his parents on the Greek island of Kos in 1991, police officers from South Yorkshire on Tuesday obtained permission to knock down part of the farmhouse where the family had stayed when he went missing.

The UK police team had launched an excavation on a site adjacent to the farmhouse nine days ago, following up reports that Ben might have been accidentally crushed and then buried by a digger working on the land at that time. Several days of digging with the assistance of experts and archaeologists have so far failed to reveal any evidence in support of this claim, though the discovery of an ancient Roman graveyard led to a brief stop in the work last Friday.

The search is now focused on a room that was added onto the house where Ben’s family had stayed in the years following his disappearance. The work will be carried out on Tuesday, using a special machine that is to be transported to Kos. Meanwhile, the search is continuing in the area around the house.

In an announcement on Tuesday, the Kos municipal authority expressed its “active support for the search” and appealed to all sides to let the authorities conclude their investigation for the truth about what happened to Ben. At the same time, it warned against the spreading of “scenarios” that smeared the reputations of families and people that were no longer living, noting that “these do not help the search, especially when there is no proof.”

Source: ANA-MPA