Refugee Numbers Increase on Border Islands of the Aegean


Data shows that an increasing number of refugees are trying to make their way to Greece. Since Friday, September 30, there were 397 refugees and migrants that entered the island of Chios, the fifth largest island of Greece. From this number 230 arrived over the weekend, and another 167 people arrived on the island over a 24-hour period from Monday morning to Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.

Along with the new arrivals, the total number of refugees and migrants on Chios has risen to 4,047 people at a time when the island has the capacity to hold only 2,000 people. The Greek police reports that Tuesday was the first time that more than 4,000 people were counted to be trapped on the island.

The flow to Samos also increased over the last 24 hours when more than 89 people arrived on the island. The flow to Lesvos was at a trickle with just one arrival over the last 24 hours.

It should be noted that the official page of the Turkish coast guard states that dozens of refugees and migrants have been arrested trying to escape to Lesvos from Asia Minor.

Data from the North Aegean Regional police states that the total number of asylum seekers trapped on Lesbos is at 5,433, whereas 4,047 are on Chios and 1,330 people on Samos. In total, there are 10,810 refugees and migrants on the islands of the North Aegean.


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