Refugees Flow to Greece From Turkey Via the Evros River Crossing


Refugees and migrants are passing through Greece via the Evros border river between Greece and Turkey according to data presented on Wednesday by the coordinating body handling the refugee crisis. The latest information shows that 214 refugees entered Evros on Tuesday. Furthermore, from Tuesday morning until Wednesday morning, another 88 refugees arrived in Greece, landing on the shores of the island of Chios, whereas another two were found on the island of Kos. On Lesbos and Samos, the flow noted a pause.

Today’s data by the North Aegean Regional Police show that the number of asylum applicants trapped on Lesbos is at 5,389, while there are 4,126 on Chios and 1,325 on Samos. The total number of trapped refugees and migrants on the islands of the north Aegean is at 10,840.

The grand total of refugees and migrants currently believed to be in Greece is at 60,105 people.


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