Tsipras Meets Top Greek Judges to Assure No Pay Cuts to Judicial Body

imagehandlerPrime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Thursday met with Greece’s presidents of supreme courts and assured them that there will be no pay cuts to the judicial body.

The meeting was attended by Vassiliki Thanou (Supreme Court President), Androniki Theotokatou (President of Court of Audit), Nikos Sakellariou (Chairman of the Council of State), Xeni Dimitriou (Supreme Court Prosecutor) and Eftychia Fountoulaki (General State Commissioner of Administrative Courts).

Tsipras said that there will be no pay cuts for judges so that they continue undisturbed their important work to serve justice. He added that there is a possibility that the heads of the justice system might even get raises.

The prime minister also said that the salaries of army and police personnel, academics, doctors and diplomats will not see any pay cuts either, as part of the policy to maintain transparency in administration.


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