Shocking Crime in Central Athens: Man Killed by Hanging in Klafthmonos Square


The Greek police have arrested two foreigners – a 35-year-old from Poland and 52-year-old Ukrainian – involved in a heated altercation with a third man, reportedly a foreigner, who was killed by hanging from a tree in Klafthmonos Square near the Greek Interior Ministry building.

The two suspects, inebriated at the time have denied any wrongdoing, however an eyewitness informed the police that the two men had killed the victim by hanging him from a tree in broad daylight in central Athens.

The men claim that the man had hung himself and that they were merely trying to help him. Their account did not convince police and the men have been charged with manslaughter. According to the eyewitness, the men made a makeshift noose that they put around the man’s neck.

There were no identification papers found on the victim and his identity remains unknown.