Over 8 in 10 of the 300 Greek Lawmakers Hold University Degrees

greek_parliamentThe majority of Greek parliament members are university graduates, with lawyers and doctors ranking first, while only seven percent do not hold a degree.

In a survey conducted by the National Center for Political Research in order to determine the professions of the 300 MPs who comprise the Greek Parliament before they were elected, researchers found that the majority are lawyers (15.7%). The survey starts from 1996, covering the lawmakers of the past 20 years, covering 8 elections.

Doctors come second  (12.6%), with scientists (physicists, chemists, mathematicians, sociologists, psychologists) following at 12.6% as well. One in 10 MPs is an academic (9.6%), economists follow at 8.8%.

Company employees follow (8.4%), with executives being 6.5%. High school professors and secondary school teachers are next (5%).

Only 1.9% of Greek politicians were farmers and workers, 1.1% were in technical professions and 1.1% were military officers.

Regarding previous work experience, out of 1,058 MPs examined, 52.5% only worked as party members, funded by the party, while 39% worked in local government or municipalities. Finally, 27% worked as unionists and only 3.2% worked for the European Union.