Greek Government to Freeze Home Auctions for Debts to the State

pleistiriasmoiThe Greek government has decided to freeze home auctions for debts to the state after a public uproar and disapproval among SYRIZA MPs.

Notaries announced that they will go on strike after facing the rage of people who are blocking courtrooms in order to stop auction procedures.

What was one of the pre-election pledges of Greece’s ruling party, now turns into anathema after the foreclosures of homes of poor families with outstanding debts to the state amount to thousands.

Now the coalition is rushing to amend the article about foreclosures of primary residence for debts to the state when the family is unable to repay the debt, according to the Athens News Agency. The amendment will be tabled in parliament immediately. It will also be in accord with the law that protects from foreclosure the primary residence of people who belong to vulnerable social groups and have outstanding debts to banks.