Greek PM Tsipras Tells People What They Want to Hear… Again!


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras opened the four-day conference of his party on Thursday night, stating that it was the first party conference for SYRIZA with the party in power. He said that the left had a “historic duty” to help the country exit the crisis while keeping society alive.

He was preaching to the converted saying the same things we’ve all heard before. This time, there were more middle-aged people in the audience and the young people that had been swept by SYRIZA were missing from the audience.

Key points of his talk:

* The country was working hard for a “realistic road map for the recovery of the economy” to exit from EU surveillance.
* Measures for debt relief will be set with the second program review less difficult than the first.
* The referendum of July 5 will be remembered as a huge moment in modern Greek history for the struggle of Greeks.
* Grexit would have been a failure for Greece and was masterminded by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.
* He called on EU partners to keep their commitments to Greece.
* 10,000 new recruitments of doctors.
* Voting for citizens at 17 years.
* Greek citizenship for migrants born and educated in Greece.
* Greek partnership agreement for all couples, even same-sex couples.
* Dialogue for constitutional reform to safeguard the Greek people’s power.
* For the first time in 27 years the government is striking at a source of corruption through the TV license tender for 4 national licenses to clear the media landscape.
* He pointed to SYRIZA as parties within a party.
* The party needs a political center to operate with political solidarity.
* Ministerial positions are not offered on a permanent basis.
* Pointing to party deontology and behavior, he said the party is being judged on its morals and its members should show that they have ethos.
* Called for a SYRIZA deontology committee.