Ben Needham Investigators Dig Through 800 Tons of Rubble Looking for New Leads

Ben NeedhamThe investigation for Ben Needham on the Greek island of Kos has turned to JCBs to help sift through the more than 800 tons of rubble in hopes of finding a lead to what happened to the missing toddler.

This is the most intense and specific investigation since Ben went missing in 1991 and has so far turned up some “60 items of interest” investigators said on Wednesday.

Investigators from the UK that are working with the Greek authorities have commented that the items revealed will be sent to the UK for further analysis with the team as it returns home. At the present time the dig is scheduled to last until the end of this week.

Detective Inspector Jon Cousins commented “While they are not of major interest we need to examine them further.”

Perhaps in a twist of irony is that the team is using JCB diggers which are very similar machines to that which is suspected of crushing Ben in an accident by a construction worker named Dino Barkas who was working on the property when the toddler went missing.

diggerAs the JCBs move around the site and dig up the rubble around the farm where Ben went missing, observers have noted the sheer size of the diggers and their power.

“It left me thinking that if little Ben had wandered behind it that fateful day Dino Barkas would never have realized he was even there,” Andy Lines observed as he wrote for The Mirror.

“The cab is so high off the ground it is entirely feasible he would not have even known he had knocked down the youngster and crushed him,” he wrote.