International Tourism to Greece ‘Soared’ in 2016

tourismos_aerodromio1International arrivals to Greek airports “soared” from January to September, according to data released by Greek Tourist Organization (SETE). More specifically, arrivals to the main airports of the country rose 7.6 percent in the 9-month period compared to last year.

In Crete, the Ionian islands and the Cyclades arrivals rose 11.3 percent, 12.2 percent and 10.2 percent respectively in September on a year-on-year basis.

Arrivals also rose 14.3 percent to Athens and arrivals to Thessaloniki rose by 23.5 percent.

On the other hand, Kos, Samos and Lesvos recorded a drop of 2.9 percent, 13.7 percent and 44.5 percent respectively.

“The increase in arrivals is thanks to special tourist packages and lower prices promoted by companies in an effort to attract last-minute tourists,” SETE said. However, it noted that despite the increase in arrivals, tourist businesses are expected to record losses for another year as a result of over-taxation and reduced prices that undermine competitiveness and threaten their viability.

Source: ANA-MPA