Eurostat: One in Three Greeks Live in Conditions of Poverty


More than one in three residents of Greece experienced conditions of poverty and/or social exclusion in 2015, according to Eurostat figures released on Monday. The European Union average was roughly one in four, the same report said.

In Greece, the percentage of those at risk of poverty or social exclusion had risen from 29.1 pct in 2008 to 35.7 pct in 2015, or 3.8 million people. In the EU, those at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2015 returned to the same levels as in 2008, or 23.7 pct (118.8 million people).

The highest levels of poverty and social exclusion in the EU were in Bulgaria (41.3 pct) and Romania (37.3 pct). The lowest levels were in the Czech Republic (14 pct), Sweden (16 pct), Netherlands and Finland (16.8 pct) and Denmark and France (17.7 pct).

The above percentage includes those living below the national poverty line (income less than 60 pct of the national average), those that are severely materially deprived and cannot afford essentials and those living in households with very low work intensity, where no one has a steady job.

In Greece, 21.4 pct are living below the poverty line, 22.2 pct are severely materially deprived and 16.8 pct live in households of low work intensity. The same percentages in the EU on average are 17.3 pct, 8.1 pct and 10.5 pct.

Source: ANA-MPA