Retired Cop Shoots and Kills Gym Owner After Argument


A retired Greek policeman and ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn member, aged 63, is believed to be responsible for the shooting of a man that occurred shortly after 6 p.m. at the corner of Panormou and Vatopedi streets in Athens, near the General Police Offices. Sourves in the region who knew the retired policeman say that he exhibited peculiar behavior and would persistently bother young women at the gym where the shooting took place on Friday after he became embroiled in an argument with the owner of the gym.

The gym owner had often argued with the former policeman about the lewd comments he made to the female clients, however, on Friday, the argument ended with tragic consequences. The retired policeman left the scene of the argument and rushed to his home, nearby and returned with a gun, shooting the owner and escaping the scene.

The assailant, apart from being a former member of law enforcement, was also a Golden Dawn candidate for the region of Messinia in 2012. During his campaign, he had called for young people, from 15 to 70, to “awaken and take arms.”