Greek-French Private Schools Open Doors to Refugee Children

Refugee Children to Start Attending School

At a time when Greek society is divided on the issue concerning the education of refugee children at Greek schools, twelve Greek-French private schools have stepped to the plate with a statement that they would accept refugee children in their schools. The decision came following the request of the Federation of Private Education Providers in Greece (OIELE) on October 12. A week later, the Secretariat des Institutions d’Enseignement Libre En Grece (SIELG) of Greek-French private schools responded positively to the call.

“As you know, all Greek-French schools that have a long plight in our country, always view education having a steady base of values and principles that serve Man, regardless of race, religion or social class. Our interest is geared towards all children, especially the vulnerable,” they wrote in a letter , dated by October 21, signed by the group’s president.

The letter states that students from vulnerable groups have already been integrated in their school as a show of Christian values. Now, these services will be extended to unaccompanied minors that are victims of the refugee crisis.