Top Student Flag-Bearer in Patra is Middle-Aged Mother of Three

patra_simeaMrs. Giota, aged 54, graduated from the 3rd Professional Lyceum of Patra with a grade of 19.5. As is customary, the top student of the class carries the flag at the October 28 public holiday. Mrs. Giota, mother of three, performed this duty during the parade on Friday.

The mother, who does not desire her surname to be disclosed, says that it was a proud moment. “It was a life’s dream for me to be a flag-bearer,” she says. “From the first year of lyceum (senior high school), I have been receiving awards and certificates of excellence. The message I want to get across is that knowledge knows no age. Somebody can get ahead only through dreams and struggles.”

Her profile on Facebook has been filled with well-wishers.