45 Migrants Rescued On Monday; Rescuers Searching Sea for Missing Vessel Carrying Migrants

coast_guard_boatjpg-thumb-large-thumb-largeA rescue operation is in progress in the sea region of Neapolis (southern Peloponnese) to locate a vessel transporting an unknown number of migrants.

Migrants aboard the vessel called for emergency help at 112 and asked for assistance late Monday evening.

The rescue operation was launched with delay on early Tuesday due to adverse weather conditions prevailing in the area, making it impossible for coast guard vessels to sail.

Meanwhile, 45 migrants and refugees that were located late on Monday in the area of Xiropotamos on Antikythera, will be transferred to the port of Neapolis via the Porfyroussa ferry.

The migrants arrived on Antikythera on an unidentified vessel and there is no word as to where they originated from at this time.

Source: ANA-MPA


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