Burnt Down Emblematic Athens Movie Theaters to Reopen

sinemaThe Stavros Niarchos Foundation is funding the reopening of Atticon and Apollon, the two emblematic Athens movie theaters that were burnt down by austerity protesters in May 2010.

President of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Andreas Drakopoulos, on Friday gave a comprehensive account of the foundation’s work of the past twenty years, culminating in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) which now houses, among others, the National Library and the Greek National Opera.

“It is better to give more and let people call us stupid than do injustice to some and appear arrogant,” Drakopoulos said from the National Library building, speaking of the countless donations of the foundation

“The 20-year course of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation possibly reflects, on first reading, the innumerable needs of societies worldwide. For us, it also reflects the potential and prospects of our fellow human beings, for which it is worth to try more. We feel proud that after 20 years of activity we have managed to improve our way of action and strengthen our initiatives, while not losing our flexibility to respond to the major challenges, from building the SNFCC to aiding even the smallest and newly established organization. That demonstrates our vision and commitment,” Drakopoulos said.

Besides the numerous cultural events at SNFCC — such as operas, concerts, art exhibitions — the foundation funds other cultural, athletic, educational and welfare programs.

Drakopoulos said that the foundation will also undertake the completion of the restoration and reopening of two emblematic movie theaters on Stadiou Street, in central Athens. Atticon and Apollon were burnt down by protesters during riots that took place in May 2010, after it was announced that Greece was entering a bailout program that would entail harsh austerity measures.

Regarding the actions of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation in the 20 years since its establishment in 1996, Drakopoulos said that SNF donated 1.56 billion euros to a total 3,646 non-profit organizations around the world. Donations were made to key areas being arts and culture, education, health and sports and social welfare.


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