ND Spokesman Koumoutsakos Accuses PM Tsipras of Being Isolated From the People and Destroying the Country


Nothing has changed and nothing will change with this government, stated New Democracy (ND) spokesman Giorgos Koumoutsakos on Sunday.

He went on to express that the government by recycling the same unreliable politicians can’t make a new start. It makes no difference for the pensioners if they are being deceived by Mr. Katrougalos (former Labor Minister) or by the former chief of his office that is now the new minister (Efi Achtsioglou).

The ND spokesman also went on to explain that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras remains isolated from the society and the citizens’ real problems while his policies have led the country to impoverishment and the society to despair. Koumoutsakos said that Tsipras does whatever is necessary to survive politically by forming ministries for his friends.

Source: ANA-MPA