Despite Increasing Airspace Tension, Greece and Turkey Start NATO’s ‘Sea Guardian’ Operation

Greek_submarineOn Wednesday, Turkey and Greece kicked off a new cooperation with the initiation of Sea Guardian, NATO’s new maritime security operation.

The security operation took place in the central Mediterranean Sea with the participation of Greek submarines and a Turkish frigates. The operation is aimed towards building counterterrorism via patrolling the seas and is set to join with Operation Sophia, already underway in the region.

Although the seas were calm and cool with this symbolic gesture of cooperation between the two countries, there were more transgressions in the airways as a Turkish Coast Guard helicopter entered Greece’s airspace, committing the most recent in a series airspace violations.

The helicopter entered Athens Flight Information Region (FIR) and did a fly-over of the Greek island Panaghia at 1,000 feet altitude. There is no further information at this time about the incident.