Discover the Little-Known Archipelago Fourni Korseon in the Eastern Aegean Sea [video]

800px-fourni_islandA hidden paradise awaits you in the eastern Aegean Sea. Fourni Korseon, or simply known as Fourni, is an archipelago of small islands, inhabited mainly by fisherman and enjoys a healthy tourist season in the summers due to beautiful beaches, archaeological sites and unspoiled nature.

800px-fourni_townWith a population on the main island of Fourni coming in at 1,320 residents in the 2011 census, this little-known paradise is accessible mainly from the Greek islands of Ikaria and Samos, but strong winds and weather disrupt ferry routes from November to April, leaving travel options scarce for residents of Fourni as well as tourists wishing to visit the archipelago.

Check out this beautiful photo album video by Peter Nazos as he travels to Fourni from Mykonos, capturing the highlights with his camera lens.