Doctors Say That Educating and Diagnosing Diabetes in Adolescence is Key to Understanding Disease


Diabetes is a known enemy and scientists say that ignorance breeds fear about the disease. One conclusion that experts have come to is that by better informing the masses of society, there is a greater possibility to start diagnosing people with the disease from a very young age thus creating a better understanding of how to treat patients.

Diabetes type 1 continues to rise throughout the world and according to Professor of Children’s Endocrinology and Youth Diabetes at Athens University, Christina Kanaka says that “it is very difficult to think of juvenile diabetes” when children are young but that by not attempting to diagnose or rule out diabetes, much valuable time is wasted in starting treatment.

“We must focus on the early diagnosis and on the right treatment to reduce the danger of chronic complications,” Kanaka said during a press conference on the occasion of World Day of Diabetes on November 14.

Although the disease cannot be prevented, Professor of Pathology, Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes in the universities of Athens and Ulm in Germany, Sotiris Raptis believes that there are ways to better understand the causes of the disease.

“The environmental factors that appear to trigger the start of a process that leads to the destruction of the cells which produce the insulin are still being researched. However, diabetes type-2 in many cases can be intercepted with physical exercise and the appropriate diet”, said Raptis.

In the last fifteen years cases of diabetes cases have posted a huge increase, almost doubling and is expected to continue in the next years. In 2040 the people with diabetes are expected to exceed 600 million worldwide.

1.2 million Greeks, or approximately 12 percent of the population are currently suffering from diabetes type 1 and 2.
(Source: ANA-MPA)