Council of State Rules ENFIA Property Taxes Illegal in Four Cases

psychikon-fromphilotheihillsFollowing appeals from taxpayers to look into the way in which ENFIA property tax is calculated in Greece, the country’s highest court, the Council of State has ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.

According to the Council of State, ENFIA property tax has been miscalculated in the four separate areas in Greece and is therefore illegal. The areas are: Psyhico and Filothei in northern Athens, Neos Voutzas in northeastern Attica, and Delphi.

The court came to the conclusion that the taxes in the above mentioned areas were calculated horizontally without taking into consideration the so-called objective values, i.e. the property rates used for tax purposes.

There have been thousands of appeals filed in the court from taxpayers all over the country claiming that the ENFIA calculated for their property is unjust. These cases are set to be heard by the Council of State in the near future.


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