Violent Riots at Migrant Camp on Chios, Greece [video]

chios171116Violent, destructive riots that erupted late on Wednesday night at the Souda migrant camp on Chios island resulted in several arrests of migrants.

According to local residents who spoke on ERT Aegean television station, the incident started around 11:00 pm after a group of migrants started shooting fireworks in the sky and at surrounding houses.

Several cars and stores surrounding the camp were damaged, while tents inside the camp were burnt, according to ERT Aegean.

Riot police arrived on the spot and blocked the surrounding streets to contain the migrants. Police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse rioters, who ran back inside the camp.

The riots stopped around 3:00 am on Thursday. Police made several arrests after entering the camp, but the exact number has not been announced.



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