Veteran Cyclist Covers 8,000k Route Over 14 Countries for the Disabled


Cyclist Stelios Vaskos is not a stranger to the national cycling community of Greece. He has completed many successful and arduous feats in long-distance cycling over rough and challenging terrain. In his latest venture, the athlete from Trikala in northwestern Thessaly, will travel 8,000 km through Europe for the Arogi association for the disabled.

The challenge is grueling even for the AEK cyclist who has consistently won championships across the world. He will begin the challenge on June 7, 2017, and is expected to cover the distance over 25 days of consecutive cycling. The route includes the passage through Greece-Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Slovakia-Poland-Germany-Belgium-France-Italy-Slovenia-Croatia-Montenegro-Albania-Greece. From now until then, Vaskos has time to prepare by undergoing a very grueling fitness program to make sure he has the endurance and stamina to complete his mission. He improves his physical condition through cycling, jogging and open-water swimming.

The goal is to raise awareness for the cause he is cycling for. Arogi President Eleni Kaimi states that his move sends a message of hope throughout Europe. By showing in action his support for the group, he is contributing towards a better world for disabled people.

The mission will include the participation of three cars and a refrigerator. A team made up of a doctor, masseur and other participants will help the veteran cyclist along the way to ensure that he is safe at all times. Daily food, water and other needs will all be dealt with while Vaskos is cycling. The initiative is endorsed by the Greek Federation of Cycling, the Foreign Ministry and the Public Order Ministry.