New Democracy Leads by 16% in New Greek Poll

mitsotakis-tsipras-750-800x465New Democracy has increased its lead over SYRIZA on intention to vote as a new survey shows, showing the conservative party ahead with 32% of the intended vote, as opposed to 16% of the leftist ruling party.

The survey was conducted by the University of Macedonia on behalf of SKAI television. A similar poll by the same organization in early November showed New Democracy at 30% and SYRIZA at 15%.

The new research also shows that small parties saw their percentages rising slightly. Specifically, Golden Dawn is the preference of 8% of participants as opposed to 7% in early November, KKE 6% (5.5%), the Democratic Coalition at 5.5% (4.5%), while two parties received the 3% which is the percentage threshold for entering parliament, namely the Centrists Union and Eleftheri Plefsi.

Also, the poll found out of the House junior coalition partner ANEL (2%) and To Potami (1.5%), while Popular Unity received only 1%.

The majority of participants believe that the next elections will bring a complete reversal of the current political scene, as 70.5% view New Democracy as the winner of the next elections. In early November, 64% of participants believed the same and 62% in October. Only 12% of the participants believe that SYRIZA would win the next elections.

Meanwhile, New Democracy chief Kyriakos Mitsotakis is viewed as more suitable for prime minister than Alexis Tsipras, with 36% versus 19.5% (37% and 20.5% in the previous month).