Parliament Passes Same-Sex Couples and Equal Rights Law

greek flag syntagmaOn Friday the Greek parliament passed a bill expanding the rights of same-sex couples as well as ensuring equality in the workspace regardless of gender, religion or sexual orientation.

The bill was approved by 201 deputies and rejected by only 21. There were 73 MPs absent from the roll call.

Members of the political party of Independent Greeks (ANEL) had nine votes, two of which were in favor of the bill. Two MPs voted against the bill stating they will remain “faithful” to their “Christian and social beliefs as Greek patriots.” Five members of ANEL voted “present.”

Also, the far-right Golden Dawn party voted against the bill while the communist party, KKE, voted “present.”

MPs from SYRIZA, New Democracy, PASOK, To Potami and the Union of Centrists upheld the legislation, overwhelmingly supporting the bill to ensure equal rights of same-sex couples.


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