Lawyer and Accomplice Busted for Forging €1.1 million Will

PolicEThe Greek police have announced that investigators have busted a 53-year-old lawyer and a 48-year-old female accomplice in a scam involving forging a 1.1 million euro last will and testament.

Authorities announced that the investigation revealed the couple had forged a will for an elderly man who passed away with no next of kin or known relatives, however, the intrigue does not stop there as police came across the forged will scam only as part of an investigation into large withdrawals from the deceased man’s bank accounts earlier this year.

The large withdrawals are what led investigators to discover the body of the deceased man in a state of “advanced decomposition” in his home, sources report.

The discovery of the body opened the case to investigators who later discovered the scam involved real estate assets and bank deposits as well as naming the 48-year-old woman as the sole beneficiary of the estate of the deceased in a forged will, leaving her to inherit money, two apartments and a private parking lot.

Police have reported that there is also a third suspect, a 42-year-old man, who is thought to be a knowing and willing witness to the crime. There is no further information at this time as police further investigate the case.