Christmas Events and Workshops Begin at the Acropolis Museum


The Acropolis Museum will welcome its visitors during the month of December with imaginative children’s workshops, family backpacks, gallery talks for adults, Christmas tunes, harp melodies and more surprises in the Parthenon Gallery.

Little friends who visit the Museum during the festive season will have the opportunity to create their own buildings using white LEGO bricks and plenty of imagination. Their inspiration will be the temples, columns and capitals of the Acropolis! The workshop is held by the Acropolis Restoration Service Education Team and is designed for kids from 7 to 11 years old.

Using today’s festive plants as a starting point, children and adults can discover the special importance of particular plants in ancient Greece, such as the olive, oak and laurel. They will be exposed to the beautiful foliage and fruits that can be seen in the Museum’s art, in order to create its colorful, festive trees. The workshop is held by the Museum Archaeologist-Hosts and is designed for kids from 4 to 12 years old.

Source: ANA-MPA


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