European Parliament President Schulz Conveys His Support of Greece’s Position in Meeting with Tsipras

schlutz tsipras

On Thursday European Parliament President Martin Schulz met with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras where he expressed his full support of the Greek government concerning bailout negotiations, adding that if a problem in the negotiations would occur that it would be a risk to all of Europe; a risk that he said would be “inconceivable.”

Sources have reported that Tsipras briefed Schulz on the positions of the Greek government during the meeting and said that a solution must be found as soon as possible for “the best of Europe in a period of uncertainty.” He also said that a compromise on Greece’s proposal for 2.5% – 1% primary surpluses can be reached.

Referring to IMF participation in the Greek program, he said that the fund must decide what they will do while taking into account that “Greece is Europe,” therefore we should have collective negotiations and not new measures.

In response to Eurogroup’s reaction to Greece’s position, Tsipras said that installing “support measures for the weak that do not violate the program and do not set the targets at risk, are the right of the Greek government.”

Concluding, the European Parliament president said that a solution must be found by January at the latest.

Source: ANA-MPA