Greek Farmers Decide on Roadblocks to Protest Austerity

Greek farmer’s unions decided on Saturday to block roads in January to protest the new austerity measures to be implemented as of January 1st.

Union representatives and farmers from all parts of Greece met on Saturday in Larissa, central Greece, to decide on actions to protest the new austerity measures that will be implemented with the beginning of the new year.

Over 100 farmer unions from across Greece held a meeting with the nationwide committee that coordinates the roadblocks. They discussed the problems they encounter with the new measures – mainly tax hikes and benefit cuts – and the actions they are going to take.

The farmers decided that there will be coordinated nationwide roadblocks and tractors will demonstrate in Athens, starting on January 23. President of the Federation of Agricultural Associations of Karditsa Vangelis Boutas who coordinated the talks said the farmers’ struggle against government policies and the European Union will continue.

Boutas accused the government of lying to the farmers regarding their income, the taxes they pay, and farmers pensions and security funds.