POEDIN: State of Regional Health Centers Dire

The state of regional health centers was the focus of a new survey by the Panhellenic Federation of Employees at Public Hospitals (POEDIN).

The survey revealed that facilities are in dire conditions as they suffer from an array of issues from staff shortages to lack of funding for medicine and supplies.

Specifically, the survey cites the General Hospital and Health Center of Kalavryta which is located near skiing facilities as having only one qualified doctor and a trainee nurse. Also, there is no orthopedic specialist at the center and there are no plans to hire one, meaning that the closest orthopedic surgeon is in Volos.

Staff shortages were also highlighted in the survey which revealed that there are many centers operating in the mountain regions with only a 35 percent ratio of permanent staff.

Of all the findings, the shortage of supplies is extremely dire and has resulted in staff members of the facilities holding collections to purchase necessities to keep the health centers running with their own money.

POEDIN states in its report that “gloves, cotton wool, oxygen masks, perfusion devices, stents, surgical thread, bandages, gauze, syringes, medicines, gasoline for vehicles and oil for heating” are all in lacking in supply throughout many of the regional health centers.


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