Greece’s Fin Ministry Sends Scrooge Christmas E-card Calling Out International Lenders

Reuters has reported that the press office of the Greek Finance Ministry recently sent an e-card of the stingy Ebenezer Scrooge to journalists in a not-so-veiled attempt to call out the country’s international lenders who have imposed harsh austerities that have had a tremendously negative impact on Greek society.

“Perhaps all Christmas stories feature a terrifying Ebenezer welcoming the spirits of Christmas in his desolate loneliness, and perhaps our Christmas story is no exception,” the e-card reads.

“But dear friends and colleagues, our wishes will prevail over all the Ebenezers of this world. A very happy new year, with health and love focused on those all around us.”

Greece has been undergoing international bailouts since 2010 and recently there has been a debate as to whether the Greek government had the right to give a Christmas bonus to Greek pensioners without first consulting with international lenders.

Pensions in Greece have been slashed several times in the past years as part of the bailout program and austerities and government figures show that most retirees live on less than €1000 per month.