Evangelistria Monastery, The Cradle of Modern Greece

The Evangelistria Monastery holds the story of Modern Greece in the walls, hallways and courtyards. This historical structure, on the Greek island of Skiathos was first founded in 1974 by a group of monks from Mount Athos and played a crucial role in the 1821 revolution which brought independence to Greece.

Since the monks from Mount Athos did not accept the traditional rites when they founded the monastery, later in 1807 some of the most important leaders of the revolution, including Theodoros Kolokotronis and Andreas Miaoulis took what is referred to as the “Oath of Freedom.” Because of this one event there is an enormous difference between this monastery and Mount Athos; women are allowed to enter Evangelistria.

This structure is not only beautiful and well-kept in its serene environment, it is also surrounded by tall green trees and built on the edge of a hill overlooking the sparkling blue sea below; all features which transport visitors back to a time long ago when the revolution of 1821 brought independence to Greece and the first-ever Hellenic flag was made on a loom at this very location. Also, another crucial role Evangelistria played during the war against the Ottoman empire, is that the monastic community offered the revolutionists shelter in the monastery.

The Evangelistria Monastery is now a prime tourist destination that people from all over the country and world come to see and learn the rich stories of the birth of modern day Greece.