Greek Mythology: The Little-Known Sea Deities Who Stir Up the Seas

Next time you see the waves crashing into a picturesque shoreline, think of the goddesses of the oceans, rivers, lakes, fountains, streams, and underworld sea monsters noted in Greek mythology who create those swells.

There are two deities in particular to whom those who love to play in the sea and surf the waves might consider giving thanks to — Benthesikyme and Kymopoleia, the daughters of the famed god of the sea, Poseidon.

Benthesikyme, a goddess of the waves, is the daughter of Poseidon and one of his many wives was Amphitrite, a sea goddess. Known as the “lady of the deep swells” Benthesikyme was nymph of the African sea and later went on to become the first known queen of Ethiopia.

Another goddess that conjures up some great surfing waves is Kymopoleia. Kymopoleia was a goddess of the waves as Benthesikyme, only her mother is unknown. She was known as a “haliae,” or nymph of the sea who made waves, violent sea storms and earthquakes. She went on to marry Briareus, who was a storm giant with 100 arms and 50 heads.

So the next time that you are around swelling waters or enjoying the waves, take a minute to remember the little-known sea deities in Greek mythology stirring up the seas.