ELSTAT: More Than 500,000 Greeks Left Greece Over Past 5 Years

With the financial crisis in Greece continuing to result in more austerities and less money in Greek professionals’ pockets, many people have decided to move abroad.

According to ELSTAT, the Hellenic Statistical Authority, over the past five years more than 500,000 Greeks have left Greece to start a new life abroad.

What is interesting is, that as Greeks flee their country because of the economic crisis, their arrivals in Greece when they come back to reside or visit are often recorded as “flight arrivals from abroad,” when in reality they are nationals returning to their homeland and do not represent tourists from abroad, ELSTAT says.

In fact, the agency states that by taking this information into consideration it explains why there is not a corresponding boost in hotel revenues, as they are returning to their own properties or those of their family members.


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