Greek Navy Battleship to Host Refugees From Lesvos

Greek Navy battleship “Lesvos” is to sail to Lesvos island on Tuesday night to host refugees and migrants from the overflowing camps that are suffering from the heavy snowfall.

The ship is to arrive on Lesvos on Wednesday and will accommodate about 500 of the 1,000 refugees who currently live in tents in the Moria camp. The warship will dock in the port of Mytilene.

In the past five days, 1,000 refugees and migrants of the Moria camp are living under harsh conditions in tents covered with snow. The conditions have been recorded by a volunteer in a 18-minute video posted on Youtube.

The living conditions in the camp have caused the European Commission to call the conditions “untenable.”

“Lesvos,” currently loaded with beds, mattresses, blankets and stoves at the Salamis naval base, will be fully equipped to host the refugees.

The migration ministry is trying to remove all refugees and migrants currently living in tents to closed structures. On Monday, 75 people were transferred to hotel rooms.


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