8 in 10 Greeks Not Happy With Government; ND Leads SYRIZA by 14%, Poll Says

A recent survey carried out by the University of Macedonia on behalf of Skai shows that around eight in 10 Greeks are not satisfied with the country’s government. The poll also gave the opposition party of New Democracy (ND) a 14 percent lead over the current SYRIZA government.

Furthermore, the survey shows that if snap elections were to take place now, that some 30.5 percent of the population would vote for ND, over just 16.5 percent who said that they would vote for SYRIZA.

There was also a large amount of discontent among SYRIZA supporters with 72.5 percent of the government’s supporters saying that they are not happy with the achievements of Tsipras’ government.

A total of 88 percent of voters said that they think the country is going in the wrong direction while 72 percent expect that 2017 will be worse than 2016.


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