Greek Antiquities Among 3,500 Illegally Obtained Objects Confiscated

International authorities confiscated over 3,500 illegally obtained antiquities across Europe, including four objects of historical value in Greece.

Under operation “Pandora” that took place across Europe and investigates the illicit trade in antiquities, over 3,500 have been confiscated.

The operation was carried out by police authorities from 18 European Union member states, UNESCO, the World Customs Organization, Europol and Interpol.

Operation Pandora began in October and ended in December. Its aim was to crack down on trafficking in Europe of antiquities from the Syria and Iraq war zones

The division of Greek police involved in illicit trade in antiquities participated in the operation.

According to Europol data, 3,561 ancient objects were confiscated and 75 people were arrested. A total of 29,340 vehicles and 50 ships were searched. Over 500 objects were found in Murcia, Spain, stolen from the city museum.

In Greece, authorities found an Ottoman tombstone, a Byzantine icon of Saint George and two more Byzantine objects of great historical value. The antiquities were found in the possession of a Thessaloniki businessman.