Parents in Larissa Object to Refugee Children Attending Greek School

There is a deep divide between the school faculty and some parents at the 26th Larissa Primary School regarding integrating refugee children into classes.

Sources report that while the principal and teachers are making the best of the situation to accommodate the refugee children with the resources needed to receive an education, the head of the parents associate for the school, Stefanos Hahamis, has reportedly shown a Facebook video containing racists material to a group of parents.

Hahamis has also sent a letter to Larissa’s Eleftheria newspaper saying parents are opposed to integrating the refugee children into the school’s classes. The recent out lash of protests from parents follows a local rally by the alt-right political party, Golden Dawn.

The principal of the school, Katerina Stagianni, recently defended the school’s position in light of the parents objections saying the she and the teachers are “offering adequate education to Greek and refugee children who we will soon be welcoming with an open heart, arms and mind.”