New Marc Poll Shows New Democracy Leads SYRIZA by Double

A new poll done by the Marc polling company for the Greek newspaper Proto Thema shows that the opposition, New Democracy has double the votes of SYRIZA.

The opposition has been calling for snap elections for months now, however, Prime Minister Tsipras has remained adamant that elections are not necessary and refuses to consider holding them.

Poll results:

New Democracy: 27.8%
SYRIZA: 13.7%
KKE: 6.2%
Golden Dawn: 5.8%
Democratic Common front: 5.6%
Enosi of Centrists: 2.7%
ANEL: 2.3%
Potami: 2%
Pleysi Eleftheria: 2%
Laiki Unit: 1,2%
Other: 3.2%
Voting blank: 4.4%
Not going to voting: 6.5%
Undecided: 16.5%